Insulin administration

I am a support worker in a house of 5 and one of our tenants has recently become insulin dependent. The district nurses are in the process of training support workers to administer insulin so they don’t have to come out and do it. We are all very reluctant to do this as we feel it is above and beyond our duties, we are support workers not nurses. One of our concerns is we feel the person receiving the insulin should have a blood test for blood borne diseases such as HIV and HEP C. When I mentioned this to our trainer she agreed but no one has done anything about getting this test. Are we right in insisting he have this test before we agree to administer ? I know safety needles are used but nevertheless do we not have the tight to know if he has a blood borne disease ??

Hi Lesley, this forum is for unpaid carers. (We have to do all sorts of carp that you wouldn’t believe).

This is something that you need to take up with your employer and your union representative if you’re a member of one

This guy is absolutely right. You should take this issue through your employer, because it could directly affect your health. To all of this, as you said, it is beyond the scope of your responsibilities.

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