Increased frustration

Hi all, in the last 2 years I have started to care for my disabled stepdaughter, my wife is now working and is something we choose to do, I am finding myself getting more and more frustrated with some of the services that we have. What I don’t like is when you get angry and start shouting these professionals start to listen, we are finding ourselves complaining shouting all the time to get anything moving, I feel as a male looking after a female that most don’t listen but soon as my wife gets involved more happens. It’s slowly denting and dragging me down. It’s not healthy for any of us.

Hi Anthony,
welcome to the forum.

That sounds very frustrating. What sort of care does your stepdaughter need, how old is she and which professionals are giving you most grief?


Have you both made plans for her future after you are both gone?
I know it’s not nice to think about, but it’s absolutely vital, so that she becomes accustomed to people other than you caring for her.