Impact on unpaid carers of LPS - more stress?

I recently came across this page:

On this page, under ‘Unpaid carers’ it says:

“The role of the Appropriate Person is designed to be carried out by someone who knows the person well. Unpaid carers will often have a close relationship with the person they provide care for and will be suitable for the role of Appropriate Person. This role provides an opportunity to support and represent the person who is going through the LPS process. As more women are unpaid carers, they are more likely to care for someone deprived of their liberty at home, and therefore more likely to be disproportionately affected by this new role. Overall we would anticipate that this would have a positive impact, as the Appropriate Person is able to be involved in the LPS process and represent the person they care about. They Responsible Body is also required to keep them informed throughout the process. However, we recognise that the role could generate extra responsibilities or be stressful for the person taking it on. The potential Appropriate Person must consent to their appointment, and in some cases will be supported to fulfil the role by an IMCA.”

What will be the impact of this change on unpaid carers? :frowning: :S :-???

There is a LPS video link in green box near the top of the page on: