Hey everyone👋🏾

It’s been a year in total since my brothers transition from a children home to adult support living went so poorly and things are still taking a toll. The response from children’s service has been poor and again from adult services.

The home they placed my brother was inadequate for him and remains despite the disruption of builders which was prolonged and caused my brother distress. Additionally he has had to get a new SW as the one appointed to him was again inadequate hence the reason for my brothers poor transition and life now.

I am 20 and my brother is 18 years old. I’ve been patronised to not try and get my brother full time but it’s only right. I am still in 1 bedroom flat and of course my flat is suited for myself and bro. I at first thought I need deputeeship however after doing my indep research I’ve came to find that I need to propose a best interest meeting. What concerns me is that my brother health has declined and he has put on a lot of weight and also becoming very anxious. I just want my brother to be happy and I’m certain that this is with me. I don’t want to deprive him of the family life he deserves.

My brother has not been the same since moving and I’m trying to do everything as a young women

Where do I stand as I am his only relative and I’ve been a younger carer since a very young age.
Please if there is anyone that is in similar situations

Contact me please

Hi Nyah.

Not much to add to my replies on your previous threads beyond repeating the link to the kinship carer thread of mine.


Links therein MAY be of some use to you in the current situation :


I also recommend exploring your LAs web site … if a search facility … try KINSHIP CARERS.

( Only recently have Carers UK confirmed that " Kinship " carers are outside their remit … not mine ! )


Hello, thank you for your query. We do see that kinship carers are providing a vital role to families across the UK. However, I’m afraid kinship care is outside of our client group (ie: carers looking after those because of illness, disability and older age), though of course you can be a kinship carer for a child with a disability.

The above looks complicated on first sight…

It maybe your only course of action.

You could get help from citizens advice how to follow these steps.

At least Social services would know you mean business and your are not going away.