I need to safeguard one of my customers ASAP

I’m a main carer for a gentleman who I had to call a ambulance for yesterday morning he was admitted and has sepsis stage 3 (sepsis shock) I went to the hospital yesterday evening to see him and his wife he was on a fluid drip from the time the paramedics arrived at his house and was still on the drip at 9pm went I left the hospital with his wife this afternoon I went to see him in hospital and he isn’t on no fluids he is not eating and the only way to deal with any kind of sepsis is with fluids and antibiotics I now want to safeguard him ASAP but can’t do this until 9am tomorrow I am very worried for his health and well-being

You need to make contact with the Local Authority adult care team. There will be an out of hours emergency number.

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Do not delay. Call for help. I had to phone the emergency services last year around this time when one of my clients who I work with suddenly had developed chickenpox, as she was having issues with her breathing and had a tracheostomy in her airways as well that complicated things. Safeguarding is so important. His life is in danger.