I believe in myself getting better

life I have not been very confident, always the small weak quiet kid. The last year however I have become very confident in almost all aspects of life and it’s great!

The one part that I’m really struggling with though is confidence in my mental health and emotions. I can’t help but think “what if I stay anxious/depressed forever?” “What if I’m never happy?” “Do I actually like this thing or is my brain lying to me?” “Do I feel emotions?”

I’ve had stints with anxiety and depression and it’s sort of made me numb to emotions for a while and this is where it started just this year

How can I change this? I want to be able to believe that I will get better

Read a book called “Starting Again” by Sarah Litvinoff.
Although primarily aimed at those after divorce, it’s still very appropriate for anyone wanting to make changes in their life.
I bought it after I was bereaved and my whole life changed. I kept it by my bedside, it’s easy to just read a page or two. Usually available cheaply on ebay.

How can I change this? I want to be able to believe that I will get better

Dear S
I found your writing about yourself so fresh and strong.
I try to gain clarity by experience rather than thinking what something is like.
I try alot of things, I do not like singing in the choir, learned that the hard way, tuning not great.
I do like getting up early and seeing the sun rise.
I like puzzles.
Thanks for your honesty.