I am 63 and find the tech impossible

Isn’t it a shame that unless you are tech savvy then all the system takes advantage, including this forum.

How is the forum taking advantage of you?

You began a new topic and posted the above, what more do you think you need to know that’s not currently obvious to you?

All you have to do is introduce yourself and ask “how…”.
When my brother was dying of cancer in Uruguay and I was spending a lot of money on phone calls, I asked the forum what Skype was and how to use it. Within 10 minutes a member with family in New Zealand told me all I needed to know!
Most people find the forum when they are struggling with their caring role. Can we help?


Everything you need to know to use the forum.

Just press FAQ at the top of your screen. Next to Quick links

I do think that those who cannot use the internet are at a disadvantage, but you have done well, you have found the Forum and also how to post.

Any other questions, just shout, we were all new once.

Oh, and many of us are not spring chickens :slight_smile: