Huntingtons Disease

I support my friend whose husband has huntingtons disease and cancer. She cared for him at home for 7 years and was almost a prisoner in her own home. In May of this year he was admitted into a care home and is being held under section 3 of the mental health act. However, they are now saying his mental capacity is good enough that he wants to come home and the professionals are supportive of this.

My friend is beside herself and it seems she has no say in the matter. Are there any options for her to look into.

Thanks in advance


Hi Jo,
In her opinion does he have capacity? If no, then she needs a second opinion to assess this.

If he does have capacity then it’s more complicated. Does he have CHC funding? If he does return home then care needs to be in place - as much as is needed to cover ALL his care needs. She can say she is no longer prepared to care.


Jo, that sounds crazy to me. HD is surely a progressive disease?
I feel sure there must be a charity for those with HD. They can probably offer really good advice.
Your friend needs to be VERY assertive over this. Starting with asking for a “Care Act Advocate” from Social Services.
How old is your friend, and her husband?