Hi I'm debs

Hi I’m debs age 59th
My husband Colin suffered a severe stroke in March 2020 and was paralysed completely down his right side and cannot walk or talk
Whilst he was in hospital he caught covid and has fought sepsis and pneumonia twice
He was away from me for nine months and arrived home on 21st December 2020
There was a mix up so no care company was available to help so I coped by myself till 18th Jan this year
It would be nice to talk to people who care in a similar situation
Debs x

Hi & welcome Debs

How awful for you both! Your lives changed over night. I am astounded that a safe discharge from hospital. Either wasn’t done or was done but failed miserably to support your both. I can only image what you both went through.

Please ask away here with any questions. As there are many on the forum who usually know an answer.

Is the care package that is in place now suitable.

Hi yes there are carers now but it was hard work till they started
The social worker did not reply to any offers from care agents so we lost our place
When they told Colin he wasn’t coming home for Xmas he was heartbroken so I got permission to get him home with me, they agreed straight away as they knew how as we had been apart
His hospital history
Great western Swindon on 29th march given 48 hours to live
Glos hospital 1st April to july, chest infection and covid
Cheltenham hospital sepsis and pneumonia
Vale dursley pneumonia
B I r u frenchay sepsis pneumonia
Bristol treatment for a week
Then back to b I r u till discharge

Hi Debs and welcome to the forum

It sounds like you’re coping with a lot, it’s good you’re getting some support but it might be helpful to look through our advice pages and check you’re getting everything you’re entitled to:

Also, if you’d like to meet other carers online we run weekly informal social sessions for carers to take a bit of time for themselves and chat informally to others. You’d be most welcome to join, sign up is here:


Best wishes to you


Hi Debs, you have both been through so much in the last year.
Are you getting carers now?
Is your husband now claiming disability benefits?
Is the house disabled friendly?
So many things should have happened, but the virus has mucked up so many things.