Hi all im new!


Hello, me too!

Hello to both of you. What are your care obligations? There’s a variety on this forum, from looking after elderly parents to partners and children with mental illness etc etc.

The common theme is that each of us is ‘responsible’ for ‘someone else’ - we are NOT entirely free to live our own lives as we might wish to do so. We always have to think about someone else…

It can be enjoyable, and a proof of our love, but it can also be challenging, wearing, exhausting and stressful.

Where do you two fit in on this?

Hi All. I’m also a newbie.

Taken a long time for me to admit I needed support but I think it was Boxing Day as I sat in a house full of people but felt sooo alone.

Again, who do you look after Stev. Christmas often makes us see the world in a ‘non-caring’ light - as in, we suddenly realise how totally different ‘everyone else’s life is’…compared to ours. And it hurts.

Hi Jenny

I look after my husband and have done for many years. Over the couple of years I found myself feeling anger/resentment/even dare hatred which then leads to guilt/sorrow and hatred of myself. It was suggested that it is time to seek support.

Hello to all New Years Eve newbies
I joined on this day 3 years ago and have had so much help and learned so much that I hope you all stick around and then payback by helping answer newbies in turn.


Stevo - tell us a little more. Why does your husband need care from you? It’s so very easy - and very understandable! - to be come resentful. Does he appreciate what you do for him? (or does he have dementia and so is, sadly, incapable of appreciating what is being done for him and ‘appears’ to take it all for granted??)