Hi , my with a rare disease , I am his carer . He is 65 and I am 74 .
It was never explained to us properly what a fixed term mortgage was . The mortgage company told us time after time that when he gets to 65 we will just be moved to another mortgage , vulnerable persons .
Now we have till september to lose our home . Its killing him , and all of us . We’ve been here since 1995 , rent then mortgage in 2004 .
They are being horrible , we have pets here ,help please . Our youngest daughter and her partner with their 4 young children live with us , the children don’t know . They say the bailiffs will be in . Please I have heart problems , please some one husband is disabled

Hi Cyndi … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

( Mortgages : vulnerable persons … Council of Mortgage Lenders for background : )****
Plenty on your problem over the past few months out there … what to do when a fixed mortgage comes to it’s end and
circumstances have changed leaving the mortagee in limbo … as the computer now says NO !

Suffice to say , reports indicate upto 3 million may be affected.

If you can provide fuller details … either on this thread or … if you prefer , pm me … I will point you in the right direction
for outside help.

( CAB / SHELTER / AGE UK / specialist lenders / other options. )

All sorts of other considerations arise here … I’ll just concentrate on trying to keep the roof above your head.
( Just one … possibility of equitable interests arising … one for those outside experts to take into account. )

That’s the MAIN priority … by a short head ?