Help can’t face another year like last year - BPD


My DD is on the pathway for diagnosis for BPD. She is almost 19. Back and forth to CAMHS since age 6 finally diagnosed with Asperger’s at 16. She has self harmed since age 12 but has stopped in last 18 months and now uses weed to help soothe her. She has constant suicidal ideation. She has also just been diagnosed with Epilepsy after a grand mal seizure in November. She has had two terminations in the last year been back and forward with the boyfriend who is abusive. She left school in 6th Year is bright has 4 highers and at college now but online. She also has an eating disorder but does not meet criteria :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: she doesn’t sleep look after herself. I applied for PIP which she got but spends it all on weed. She can’t work - I don’t give her any money but she lives with me full time so she has no expenses. Her Dad gives her pocket money and he will give her extra money. She says she wants to feel better but is waiting for someone to tell her how to do that so until then nothing will change. All she does is talk about herself and how bad is everything is for her. Her moods swing like a light switch from deep depression to manic. I’ve done everything g I can but I’m just exhausted. I know I need to set boundaries - she does nothing. On the other side of this she is the kindest soul you will meet her very empathetic (if she gets it) and hates herself for putting us through things. I’m lost I need some help

Hi Sami

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