Help, Anyone know the answer

Hi, new to forum, so hope someone has been through the same problem and may be able to help, I’ve been trying everywhere to try and get answers,

I am carer for my Son, he recently turned 20, he has an EHCP, is a full time student and a special needs college (he can remain in education until he is 25) and receives PIP. On becoming 20 our Child benefit and child tax credits stopped.

Our housing benefit was reassessed as they class him now he is 20 as a non-dependent, even though he is dependent on me to take care of all his needs,

Housing benefit have taken his PIP as an earned income calling it ‘remunerative work’ ,

Are they allowed to use his PIP as an income, and should it be called ‘remunerative work’ , he doesn’t work he only receives PIP

He is a full time student

The amount housing benefit is taking is the same amount as his PIP

Also is there anything he should be claiming as now not sure how We am going to cope money wise, I get carers allowance

Any help would be gratefully received

Thank you Becky

Carers UK has a great helplilne. Give them a ring and they can go everything in detail, confidentially.

Hello Becky

Welcome to our forum, I would suggest you try our helpline you can either call them or drop them an email. Here are the details:
call them on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or you can contact us by email (… Also we’re running an online meet up on zoom called care for cuppa, its a chance for carers to come together and chat with each other and share tips, advice and support. I’ve attached a link for you, we’re also running some more fun sessions under share and learn, the link is also attached for you.
Care for a cuppa: Online meetups | Carers UK
Share and Learn: Share and Learn | Carers UK
Please have a look at the links Becky and see if one of the groups grabs your attention.
With best wishes

Hi Becky. I don’t know of anywhere that takes PIP as an income when assessing for housing. It is absolutely not remunerative work and cannot be considered as such.

I found this information on the internet, and although it’s from 2017, I’ve found nothing to show that this has changed. Definitely you need to make contact with the Helpline, because it would appear someone has made a huge error.

The Child Poverty Action Group have some useful information.