Had enough of Austerity

‘I’ve absolutely had enough’: Tory MP embarks on anti-austerity tour

"Heidi Allen and Frank Field make an odd partnership at first glance. Allen, 44, the Conservative MP for one of Britain’s richest constituencies, and Field, 76, a Labour MP for 39 years until he resigned over antisemitism in the party, have bonded across the Commons over a shared outrage at poverty. Now they have embarked on a nationwide tour in search of the “other England” shaped by the austerity policies pioneered by Allen’s party. It is proving emotional.

Visits to the poorest corners of Newcastle, Glasgow, Morecambe and Cornwall beckon, but they have started in London and Leicester, where on Thursday they heard stories of an illiterate man sanctioned so often under universal credit that he lives on £5 a week; a man so poor he sold all but the clothes he was wearing; and someone being told to walk 44 miles to attend a job interview, despite having had a stroke, to save the state the cost of a £15 bus ticket.

Time and again Allen, the MP for South Cambridgeshire, with its biotech start ups and affluent villages, was on the brink of tears as they visited two of the 15 food banks now helping sustain people in the east Midlands city and listened to people from charities, playgroups and community organisations. Away from Westminster’s attempt to solve the “mad riddle” of Brexit, Allen admitted that her patience with her party’s acquiescence over the welfare cuts, which started under George Osborne and the universal credit system, now being rolled out by Theresa May, had reached breaking point.

“I have absolutely had enough,” Allen said, eyes reddening, in front of a group who spelled out how the reforms were turning the screw on some of the country’s poorest people. “So I asked Frank if he would join me on a tour of the UK to show the government this exists. Unless we blow the lid off it, my lot are not going to listen.”

Good luck to the pair of them.

At least Frank may get back unscathed ?

Newcastle ?

Someone lend Heidi a red / white and black scarf … and a black cat on a lead … could then be an " Interesting "
experience for her … certainly learn some Geordie that’s not in the guide book !

Trouble is , when they get back , will anyone take heed as it’s a non priority … UC currently in the garage …
all available resources now preparing for Brexit … whatever flavour that turns out to be ?

Bit like Singapore … defend the sea , Brexit comes in by push bike through the jungle.

Even before the tea brewed , they had surrended !

And they will, of course, retire to a comfortable hotel and nice meal at the end of each visit

In Newcastle ???

That’s the land of my ancestors you decry :smiley:

Goes back to the time of United Carers … which spawned CarerWatch … and our trawler at the time …
know to many of the oldies on here … now with problems which would tax the most resilient amongst our ranks.

The oil that keep the machine known us CarerWatch running … true halycon days !

I try me best occasionly … black humour tends to work … after all , nothing new up there ?

Yep … cyber correspondance for close on 13 years … probably dwarf the volume on this whole forum
given the sheer amount of information / attachments / copies of third party approaches that went through

My own folder contains 956 copies of emails … earliest … March 2007.

( I bet she destroyed mine as soon as they had served their function !

Tough luck , I still have all the incriminating evidence in mine ! )

Heidi Allen at the Leicester foodbank.

One can clearly see how shocked she really was ?

A caption … in the style of The Eye ?

" Not even a complimentary tin of caviar ! I suppose the next one will be just as bad ? “

Could be worse … next CUK Roadshow is … Leicester.

If one of the brass was standing where Heidi Allen is now , perhaps the caption would be :

” Carers ?
Come in you poor souls.
Most of you coming in need more than tins and meter top ups to do what you do !
Hardly any support , and paid less than a week’s supply of essentials from us in Carers Allowance !
From London ?
That’s really showing your dedication … we’ve just had a new donation of shoes , perhaps some will fit you , your poor feet … it’s long walk … and you still don’t travel free on public transport !
And , that coat … you were lucky , just glorified padded sacks for our carers when they need to keep warm in winter ! "

Another caption ?

**Tempting … off photo bubble … " Not you lot again ! You’re nicked ! Snake oil again … and , not even a full bottle ! "**Subtle … but factual … after all , £ 76 odd per week to stand still at 1981 levels ???

No , better not ?

Where’s Hislop’s lawyer !

" No need Chris … it’s the truth ! "