Get rid of morning back ache!

For last few years I have suffered
from that common complaint, morning back ache.

Not any more ! Whenever I am awake in the night I do back excersizes whilst still
in bed,…raising and lowering myself, twisting etc. Also do them 15 minutes before I get up.
It works well for me, no longer in pain.

Well done Albert, I am also suffering from creeky back and have gone back to some yoga stretching, I’m trying to incorporate some stretching into my job whenever I can sneak one in.

I agree - my husband had a bad back and always did ‘in bed’ exercises to limber up before getting up.

I do too when I’m not in a rush. Definitely helps.

This may not work for everyone, but I like to lie across the bed, and basically ‘hang off the side’ so my spine is ‘inverted’ over the edge. Helps release all the stiffness etc. (Hang on to something or you may fall to the floor!).

In a swimming pool it’s great to hook your lower legs over the pool side, and invert back so your spine is against the tiles of the pool wall, and you are ‘hanging loose’ into the water. Very relaxing! Probably looks weird, but who cares! It’s very ‘floaty’!