General Election 2019 : Let's get caring onto the agenda

There is one aspect of the election that I agree with and that is “GET BREXIT DONE” however that is a discussion for another time as that one policy has sucked out all the life out of political discussion, therefore I have decided that when the candidates
come a knocking (and if they do not I will go to them) I will tell them that my vote will depend on the following:

  1. If you become the MP for Ceredigion, will you table a private member’s bill calling for the Carer’s Allowance to match the National Living Wage and be index linked to RETAIL inflation instead of CONSUMER inflation?
  2. If you become the MP for Ceredigion, will you hold regular Carer’s Surgeries where carers groups can hold one to one discussions with you so that the key issues involved with caring and support for carers?
  3. If you become the MP for Ceredigion, will you commit to holding a Westminster Hall debate on caring in the United Kingdom?

Therefore I would be very interested to know what other people are doing in other parts of the country and if they want to ask their candidates the same questions as me, perhaps we can create a Carer’s Alliance and endorse candidates who genuinely believe that Carers should have a voice at Westminster?

And pigs might fly ?

Since carer forums first came into existence … the old PRT , now Carers Trust , in 2004 … good ideas have appeared around general election time.

The closest we ever came was in 2009 … those halcyon days inside CarerWatch :

( Makes compulsive reading for any readers not around in those days … when there was actual HOPE. )

Rest assured that most mps will continue to allow the system to make virtual slaves of the 8 million odd family / kinship carers out there.

After all , raising taxes to pay for anything associated with CarerLand is NOT a vote winner !

( NHS perhaps but … as we CHOSE to care , why reward us ??? )

Why upset the gravy train we provide ???

( No political party currently exists which would prioritize us.

Pressure group perhaps … as CarerWatch was … but a one trick pony ??? )

I concur. We need new policies and new training for paid for carers. I am thinking of setting up my own care business for those with purely physical impairments. What about a petition?

A petition ?

What about the ongoing CARERS STRATEGY ?

Have a good , long , read.

The heading of the thread … an appropriate choice of words ?

Who out there is listening to our concerns … our supporting organisations … have they asked for our views ???

I had a look online for the phrase “Carers Political Party” and could only find one reference (which says a lot)\

However, (although this will be formally confirmed tomorrow afternoon when nominations close) I cannot see any sign of them fielding a candidate in any part of the country.

At least they share one part of a policy with us … GREEN PAPER , SOCIAL CARE THREAD ???

Shame about Dilnot … a contradiction if ever there was one ???

A Party that advocates free social care … and also endorses Dilnot ???

Free personal social care and integration with health

Introduce free personal social care and increase funding to meet the needs of vulnerable elderly and disabled people.

Implement the Dilnot Commission recommendations, even if the level of the cap needs to be reconsidered in the light of fiscal policy. The Dilnot Commission recommended that social care costs be shared by the whole community. We say that this would be fairer to all, and would not result in a new industry for lawyers and accountants in seeking to avoid the large and draconian costs that are in the Conservative manifesto.

Prioritise streamlined planning for housing-with-care schemes and clarify as a matter of urgency proposed changes to how supported housing is funded through the benefits system to put an end to uncertainty about the future of existing schemes and new developments.



Last Thursday, I was interviewed for BBC Look North - at 10, Decimal Place, instead of 10, Downing Street!!
A group of us were invited to ask questions to pose for candidates for the election.

Mine was “what will you do to support artists (which is my profession) and carers?”
Although the question I meant to ask was “can you pay carers a proper wage?”

As far as I know, as Labour have dropped their manifesto today, they are planning a National Care Service:

I have no idea what the other parties propose for carers. (And artists).

If you’re in the Look North BBC region, it will be aired on Sunday, 10.00a.m.