From The Past : An Excellent Graphic ... The Difference A Missing " E " Makes?

Purely by chance when researching through the archives.

Thanks to Jacqui_1407 …

( Courtesy of Graphics on the Go. )

Deserving of being brought to the attention of the carers of 2019 ?

One up on every wall alongside our Lord Kitch ???

Carer - deterioration in their own health!!!
Societies expectation/s you will take on carer responsibility what ever an outcome.

Chris, that says it all in one simple diagram. So sad though.

Strange … plenty of " Cartoons " around on how our carees are treated … I’ve posted a few in conjunction with
DWP threads … almost impossible to track down any aimed at us , and our plight.

The " Invisible " army … yet again ?

( Courtesy of … CarerWatch … don’t ask me where we nicked … sorry … borrowed it from ! )

Sad but so true.