Equal Access to Education for Carers

Hi everyone,

I am new to Carers Uk.

My name is Charlene and I am a carer to my son who had Marfan syndrome. I was shortly diagnosed with the same condition. During unemployment I volunteered, studies a part time uni course and built a registered charity around my caring commitments. I would like to petition to change the current eligibility criteria that prevents those in full time education from applying for Carers Allowance.

Thank you :blush:

Hi Charlene,

take a look at this thread https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and-campaigns/campaigns-petitions/21-hour-rule-ca-eligibility-studying-developments-the-sole-thread-anywhere-dealing-with-this-abomination-29098?hilit=21%20hour%20rule


Thanks Melly,

I will take a look. It would be good to hear from others and add their stories, thoughts etc …