Emailed social services about my elderly father

My Father is in his 70’s and I have several worries about him. He lives on his own and has never been the tidiest but in the last few months he has really let things go and the house is also really filthy now. I have offered to help him around the house (in the most tactful of ways) but he isn’t interested. He has suffered a couple of falls due to the clutter and whist he wasn’t injured. I am worried that he will hurt himself next time.
He has become increasingly angry and aggressive. When he drives he purposely winds up other road users then swears at them. I am worried he will be hurt if someone reacts to him.
I also found out that he recently got in trouble from the police after hitting a child with his walking stick. The child was riding a bike and my Father hit him with a walking stick then was very abusive to members of the public who stopped to help the child. I am concerned that my Father may hurt someone else. He offered no explanation for the assault and shows no remorse.
He doesn’t appear depressed and I have no concerns about his memory.
I don’t live near him so cannot visit very often, especially in the lock down.
Not knowing what else to do, as my Father won’t accept any assistance or offer any explanation I emailed his GP and adult safeguarding department. I asked for my concerns to be treated anonymously but I am worried that he will know it is me and refuse to speak to me anymore.
Any advice/ reassurance would be welcome. Thanks.

You are absolutely right to have alerted SSD. Should he be driving? It sounds as if he is mentally I’ll or starting to have dementia. Can you take some photos of his home? Have you spoken to his doctor?