Eczema financial advice 13 yr old

My son has had severe eczema from around 2mths old.His condition was head to foot so many years of no sleep,screaming,re-creaming,tubifast wet wrap suits,antihistamines,bathing and creaming through night…
Aged about 10,it disappeared-and I mean virtually gone overnight!!slight little flare up behind knees in winter but that was it.We could use any washing powder brand and his clothes smelt nice cos for first time ever,fabric softener.
9 months ago,the horror started again.Its came back with a vengeance.Worse than ever.Hes been a mess.Went to 1st G.P who said ok will give u steroid cream and oilatum .yes Dr,been using them a week while waiting to see you…Week later,2nd G.P- have you tried oatmeal in his bath?Excuse me Dr,hes red raw,bleeding and couple parts are infected.Please refer us to dermatologist again.
Sorry for dragging it out.On Thurs finally had appointment and Dermatologist said-yes it is eczema.I walked out before I lost it.
Anyway,have reapplied for DLA for him again.I stopped claim when it got better as was near renewal.I expect the knockback but will take to tribunal.Done it before and they shook my hand on way out as couldnt understand how it got that far.I demanded from them that he could attend.
Even though hes 13,hes not able to cream all of his back etc by himself.He hates invasion of privacy but its gotta be done and hes bit lazy.His schooling is badly affected and grades dropped.Teachers been on phone as he cant concentrate.They understand.
Problem is,I work part-time and get cant afford the new uniform as it constantly needs renewed.Steroid cream(betnovate and eumovate) ruin clothes and bedding.School uniform is navy jumper,white shirt,black trousers.It makes the colour change in fabric.All bedding is wrecked and white shirts last a couple weeks as blue runs into them.Black trousers just end use with grease stains as doesn’t wash out after a while.
Universal credit wont give me advance and had one when claim opened to catch up,my local authority is one of few in country not helping with school uniforms,due to no budget.They told me to speak to school,which I did and said was upto Council.Spoke to them again and was told to go to charity shop?yeah,I know.
It costs so much to do and without dla i have no chance.It will take months and may not even get it.Any advice what to do in meantime?Believe me,I have tried it all.Thanks

What a complete nightmare, for both of you.
I know nothing about eczema, but from what you describe, he needs a lot of care due to his medical condition, and should qualify again for DLA.

I wqould suggest that you take photos of him, his ruined clothes etc and keep a diary of what day to day life is like for him, to help with your claim.