DWP give people on vulnerable list a break from threatening

So lm very very concerned about my Mum lm a paid carer for my son Autism. But unpaid for my Mum.
Don’t think cares can be claimed for more than one person
Please lm concerned staying away as mum as heart desease lung desease diabetic arthritus list goes on
Need to stop threatening to stop her benefit really sick note
We can’t visit her let alone take to GPs
Myself and sisters are also vunerable
What can l do can’t ring them till tomorrow
Our local GPS aren’t seeing patience :blush: : every time they text her
I have to calm her down and she as to have angina spray it will be ambulance next

Can you break this down a bit. Can’t quite understand what you are asking. Who Is the threat about you, mum or son. All of you.

Can you write.

About you

Then mum

Then your son

Thanks I sure the forum can help.