Don't abuse our doctors

A member of the NHS is pleading that people should not abuse and swear at the doctors as they are doing their best in this covid crisis and doing a jolly good job.

But carees and carers are being totally neglected.

A couple of my carees are scared witless, one just hasn’t been out for months just too scared.

Another lives on her own, not let anyone in the house for months, missing out on everything, friends family, days out.

Both have mental health issues the doctor has done absolutely nothing to make sure people with long term conditions are getting the help they need.

They have just been abandoned by the NHS.

I have heard of charity’s making sure the elderly are alright, a weekly phone call, offers to do shopping but the doctors have done nothing.

There are special mental health lines been set up because of covid but some of my carees don’t have the internet, don’t have computers, how can they do on line shopping with no computer.

Do the doctors really know what is going on, NO they don’t have a clue.