Distance Aware

Would be great to see Carers UK and Carers Wales getting involved with this:


Great idea.


If you go to the first link in my original post you can download the images required to make your own posters for putting at the front door or in a window.

Yes thank you, I saw that. Pity though don’t make the badges (I realise we can print our own.)



From my perspective if I am allowed a view point, I found carers in general could not care a hoot about Corona virus.

Most do not use masks. Whether this is not compulsory I am not sure?

From my experience very few people seem to care about distancing. This can be seen when people blatantly walk into shops without masks. It is one of the reasons why I do not go shopping. Few occasions that I had gone shopping and politely asked the person next to me to respect the distancing laws, It is mostly met by the threat of the fist in the mouth.
Corona virus is a horrible disease-infection-virus whatever we decide to call it and people should respect the views of others.

Many times I had been told that they cannot see any virus plus that everyone is going to catch it anyway.

Hospital staff and carers appear to be the worst culprits for passing this virus and they are the ones who should know better.
If we study the facts, the amount of Corona virus cases in care homes had reached exponential levels. So who is giving this virus?

We cannot blame the visitors because visitors are not allowed. Nor are the patients capable of passing it on, because they have no outside contact.

Facts dictate that it must come within and who else could pass it on but the carers?

To say that they care, is a fallacy. Admittedly, there are always going to be exceptions, but the reality of caring is that if they really did care, they simply would not be able to do their jobs. People mix love with duty.

Before losing the point, distancing should not be a mandate requirement, it has to be common sense. People in general do not have common sense but instead use analogical thought processes to defuse their meaning. How many times do we hear the word ‘obvious’ in conversations?

People should say what they mean and because they do not know what they mean should not be using this word. Obvious means that the point needs no explanation which is a direct insult meaning that the person may be ignorant.

When we study certain analogies we do so robotically and at times do not realise that we are not keeping our distance.

Egos hit a high when exposed to truths and few people like to envisage themselves as being at fault.

If we forget about opinions and study facts, it can be realised that Corona virus is on the increase. This does not happen as people like to think, that here we have a nasty invader in our biological anatomy. Sorry…this is not the case…WE created it!

Instead of acknowledging this curse we are in fact praising the medics for having once created it and are now making us better!
Forget about what the prime minister had said that we will send it packing in 12 weeks, it is still here for a long time and unfortunately had sent him packing to the hospital. Again, those who had been preaching against it by introducing these lockdown rules are the ones breaking them. If that be the case of our established hierarchy then as simple folks we are hardly going to act better.

The real problem with distancing, is that people think that it is all over. Back to work and welcome back. Nope…sorry this is not the case because every time they think that it is safe again we go back to how it was. It has to eradicate 100% to a factor of zero otherwise it will never go and the more that we think that it is gone, then the quicker that it will come back.

What is the answer?

I would say pray to the creator.

Hello, George. I am not sure what you mean by “exponential levels”; it sounds like a contradiction of terms. “Exponential” is a mathematical term describing rate of increase or decay. If rates have reached a level, then “exponential” is superfluous.

I respectfully suggest that you have overlooked that residents in care home are sometimes sent to hospital for a variety of reasons, not necessarily Covid related. From leaving the care home to returning they are at risk from outside sources. In other words, some residents do have outside contact and do pass on the virus to other residents.

I appreciate your concerns and I hope this has explained the situation.

Exponential in terms of mathematics refers to the ‘U’ squared and the integration of the straight line graph where we have an accelerating force increasing or decaying in velocity.

Superfluous is the term referred to the graph reaching a point of infinity.

There is no indication of that occurring but a square root effect as the figures climb higher as they are doing now.

In mathematical terms the only true way that the exponential rise will reach an exponential decay is when the population becomes less infected. It is an infinite zero effect because as the graph tries to become superfluous it never does as deaths keep increasing or falling. Interesting!

Also bear in mind that visitors are not allowed to visit care homes (am I correct-could be wrong?) So how do they get in?