Discarge from Hospital?

My 84 yewr old mum has been in Hospital for 10 days . Rhey found a tumor on the bladder and will arrange an operation
She had blood for a couple days then was rold she can go home
This was then stopped as her bladder was not fully emptied
Otherwise all other checks were ok
I believe the stay in hospital is making her worse and depressed as there is no stimulation or good help with hygine which she gets at home.
At home she is near the toilet and is not worn out walking there( she collspsed the other night) as they leave her ro go on her own despite being told.
I dont believe her bladder will ever empty fully sone people are like rhat
What are my chances of trying to gwt hwr home until the op (date ot set)

Hi Marc … welcome to the forum.

The BIBLE on hospital discharges :

Being discharged from hospital - NHS

Have a good perusal … what’s in there is a blueprint for ALL parties concerned.


Hi Marc,

its VERY unusual for a hospital to keep someone in hospital even an hour longer than they need to be, so I’m sure as soon as they have investigated the cause of the urine retention, they will discharge her.

The only way you could take her home before the checks are complete is by her discharging herself against advice and I don’t recommend that. She would only be able to do that if she was declared to have full mental capacity.

I would complain about the fall on the way to the toilet issue - and say if the situation isn’t addressed then you will make a formal complaint.

Can you arrange for any visitors to pop in at different times to cheer her up, stimulate her and keep an eye on her care?


My mum had the same problem with her bladder. I think they referred ti it as overflow.