Direct payment contract update?

One of my cousins who gets a DP for part of his care has recieved a contract through the post, completely out of the blue. He’s been getting his DP for almost ten years now and he signed a contract back then, and nothing has changed recently, and he’s not had a review recently either, due to the pandemic. So it strikes us all as very odd for this to come through now…

Just wondering if anyone else has randomly had a contract through in regards to their/their carees DP?

My cousin is having some big issues with his social worker, and there’s zero trust in her and she’s very thirsty to cut his funding, so we’re a bit concerned about why this has come so suddenly and without explanation. Especially because he’s quite unwell at the moment and not really in any place to be signing anything legally binding right now.

Anyone experienced this? Thanks.

Maybe arrange for him to give someone Power of Attorney?
I smell a rat!!! But then, I’ve involved a solicitor with my son’s care as talking to Social Services these days is like talking to a brick wall!