Difficult Workmen

Twice now I have had to get rid of unhelpful/difficult workmen.

As just recently the Plumber came out to do some work at my Mum’s, and I found yesterday he’d put plastic piping + an large old bucket in my Mother’s grey bin, which I’d hoped he’d get rid of himself. He knows that I look after my Mother, and sounded concerned to sort things before the weather turns more colder - yeh more concerned for keeping his wages rolling in. I had to arrange some time ago to get another spare grey bin as just the one there isn’t enough with grey bin collections every 3 weeks. So I phoned the Plumber and explained all this, his response was that he’d have to pay to get rid of it. Well well well, I certainly found out how concerned/caring he was, not. So I told him I won’t be contacting him again.

I’ve had a similar problem with a Gardener some time ago, who cleared his van of plastic cups, sandwich wrappings etc. When just the week before due to extreme hot/dry weather he had to take time off, when he could have cleared his van then. Can’t believe such inconsiderateness when they know I look after my Mum.

It’s difficult enough finding good workmen, but when they think they can take the piss coz I look after my Mum (which I’d hoped they’d respect and have some decency about - coz it’s her I’m hiring them for) they can think again - I ain’t no soft touch!

Not defending the workmen at all but they have to pay to get rid of trade waste at the local tip, so could spend hundreds of pounds getting rid of waste.

I think they have to have a waste disposal licence as well.

But they shouldn’t be getting rid of their waste in your bin.

Lock on the bin? I know it’s going a bit far but I have seen bin wars people dumping waste in others bins, you go to put your rubbish in your bin and it’s full of someones elses rubbish.

In future, make it clear that they are responsible for disposing of all waste themselves. I’m lucky in the New Forest, no limit on the number of bags we put out, collections every week. (As my son is one of the engineers in the Transport Department responsible for keeping the council fleet on the road, long may they do so!)