Good morning everyone
Does anyone have any advice on handling Denial in your partner who is suffering with dementia - in my case Lewy body + vascular for the past 4.5 years

Hi Terry,

I don’t have experience of this, however there is information here that you may find useful.

Those on the forum with experience of caring for someone with dementia (any kind) have learnt and advise it’s better to go along with the person’s experience of reality. So, if they believe they are ok, just a bit forgetful etc then go along with it. The strategies that work in the earlier stages of dementia, can still be implemented and will still work just the same.

If their denial is putting them in danger, e.g. going out alone when no longer safe to do so, then creative strategies will need to be put in place, to ensure they are accompanied etc

If you tell us more, we can tailor the advise more specifically.


Try not to think of it as denial, the very condition itself means that the thinking processes are not working properly.
If you could tell us a bit more about the situation, we might be able to make a few suggestions which could help.
I had a lovely mum in law, never a cross word between us in 34 years, she was kindness itself.
Sadly, she developed dementia, and her needs were too great for my elderly father in law to manage, so she ended up in a residential home for the last year of her life.
My lovely sister in law developed dementia in her late 60’s, also ended up in residential care before she died.
I know how much I miss them both, and how dreadfully sad it was to see their decline, knowing that nothing we could say or do would reverse the changes.