Dementia research

On BBC One Live there has just been a fascinating article about dementia diagnosis and research, showing bran scans, blood test research etc. I would urge everyone to watch it if you have the facility to view programmes again later. I learned so much in 2 minutes!!!

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What was it called? It might be on iplayer.


It was on BBC 1 a couple of minutes before I wrote the post, it’s a sort of magazine programme. I come under BBC South of course, but it was probably a whole network programme. Showed brains from those who had been affected, explained about PET scans, how it showed up the particular protein, etc. Specialists from the Dementia Research Centre (I didn’t even know there was one) and a lady who was developing a blood test to discover this protein in the blood. They think that once they can do a simple blood test, it will be easier to detect those in the earlier stages.

BB & Melly - I think the programme is

“Morning Live” on BBC1 (a relatively new “magazine” programme on BBC1 daily at 0915)

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