DBS Expense, how to tell Carers Allowance?

My current employer is getting a DBS check. They are covering the cost but not totally, I will have to pay about £15 I believe.

As you know, carers are extremely limited. How can I declare this £15 to Carers Allowance, so it is an expense? So if I earn £15 more in the month (I am paid monthly) I don’t get disallowed?

Offset against CA and stay within the £ 120 limit ?

Unknown … one for the CUK Advice Team … specific expense … would the DWP ( Also HM Revenue and Customs ) allow as a legitimate expense ? :

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Hi Carers,
I hope you are able to offset the DBS fee but not really sure. If you are becoming a paid carer to fit in with your own caring duties please be careful they don’t give you too much work. You must make them aware that you only have a certain availability and stick within it. Be wary of enhanced evening rates and bank holiday rates, enticing though they are, they can take you over the limit. If you are paid weekly and no doubt earning variable amounts you may find DWP assess you as being a variable earner and so you will need to fill in a load of paper work each month. You also need to watch out for 5 week months and best advice I can give is to stick to the rules religiously for first 6 months until DWP get bored and take you off being a variable earner.
If you want to use up spare earnnigs, set up a pension and you need to pay in twice the excess income . This helps to deal with bank holidays etc. Hope you work for a good care company- they vary hugely.