Council financial assessment-disregards

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I have had to send my Aunt into care at 68 years of age, she is totally blind and her husband suddenly died 2 weeks ago. She is in respite but will probably have to go into long term care. I’ve been researching and understand the capital and income elements but she will be self funding for a while. What can she legitimately spend as a self-funder without being accused of deprivation of assets when the time comes for an LA assessment when her savings run out?
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Normal stuff is fine, giving you £10,000 for a round the world cruise is not. What were you thinking of?
Other than blindness, are there many other health issues?
How did she manage when her husband was around?’deprivation%20of%20assets’%20rules,contribution%20towards%20their%20care%20costs.

Hi Deborah,
sixty-eight is very young to be going into a residential care home. Does she have other health/disabilities other than being blind? Would she manage better with carers coming into her home, where she knows the layout of everything and can find her own way around?

He was her carer and did most things, she cannot make a drink or anything other than toast. She has diabetes but that is about it.

We’ve looked into carers at home but she would be very isolated in between visits. Her step-daughter has been left his half of the house and although Aunt is allowed to live there the step-daughter is making things so unpleasant my Aunt doesn’t want to return, I’ve found her extra supported sheltered housing so she is going there on the 8th April to see how she likes it. She would have her own room with en suite but would have access to 24 hour support, meals, cleaning and laundry and more importantly other company.

That sounds much better than residential care. Make sure you have Power of Attorney sorted out.