Continuing Healthcare Alliance

Set up by the Parkinson’s Group, 17 different charities, BUT NOT CARERS . Why not!!!


Parkinson’s UK
MS Society
Multiple System Atrophy Trust
Motor Neurone Disease Association
Age UK
Sue Ryder
Carers Trust
Marie Curie
Dementia UK
Spinal Injuries Association
Stroke Association
Alzheimer’s Society
PSP Association (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy – CBD)
Patients Association
Learning Disability England
The British Polio Fellowship

Carers Trust … and no CUK ?

I can guarantee than NONE of the above have sort any mandate from their members !!!

What do they propose to do … bleat … and bleat again ?

In reality , over 15 MILLION carers and carees without any DIRECT say in anything … only third hand through these , and other ,
non elected , non accountable , organisations.