Children's book about young carers (8-12 year olds)

Hi everyone,

I hope this is okay to post here. I’ve written a book called The Late Crew, which is about young carers meeting aliens. I’ve attached the beginning of the book below, if people want to have a look.

I wrote it after working as a Young People’s Manager at a mental health charity, where I frequently looked for resources for young carers, but couldn’t find them. There’s 3 aims behind the book:

1)Young carers will be excited to see themselves in a book!
2)Other young people will understand what it means to be a carer.
3) Some children will read it and realise that they are a carer, even if they didn’t know before.

Tyler Harper helps support his mum, who has chronic fatigue, and his autistic younger brother Levi, who needs to follow specific routines in his day. His world is turned upside down when he and his friends discover an alien egg… but can Tyler really take care of it as well?

If anyone’s interested in learning more about the book, the website is I’d be really keen to hear where you thought this sort of book might be needed, and where it could reach young people who’d benefit from it.

If anyone would like to chat to me about the book, or can think of a school/charity/youth organisation that could do with a few copies, you can contact me on thelatecrew (at)

Thank you,

The Late Crew-1st Chapter.pdf (178 KB)

Rab, I think this is brilliant.


Hi Rab

Ab fab!
You have a great understanding and observation in your writing.

We’ve all had ‘the one who doesn’t understand’ on the gate!

I have messaged you about dyslexia.

Thank you Melly, that’s so lovely! Let me know if there’s anywhere you think I should try to get the book out to in order to reach young carers. I’ve been working a lot with Carers Centres as one way of doing it.

There are several “ones who don’t understand” in the world, sadly! And thanks so much for your message as well.