CHC assessment states 2 x carers needed but

I am new to all of this, so apologies if I am asking an obvious question.
If a CHC plan is worked out and states that the ‘patient’ needs to have 2 x carers how do they stand if they only wish to employ one carer?
The reason that they are saying 2 x carers is because the person is a paraplegic and on his bad days needs help transferring from bed to his wheelchair etc - I have been helping him with this, on my own for over a year - and this is usually only needed when the arthritis in his arms is playing up.
thank you for your time

If it says “two carers” then they should provide “two carers” and that does NOT include you!
Are you getting paid by CHC for the care you provide?

The CHC is only just being set up !
Having said that, the caree would like me to be his PA as I know exactly what he wants/needs.
I am not related to him , nor are we living together,