Changing carers

Hi I’m new here.asking for a friend whos daughter cares (I use this term loosely ) for her and she wants to change to someone reliable. Her daughter has told her she cannot do it herself but the carer had to!
I’ve done some research but can’t quite find what I’m looking for. Could anyone here put my straight please thanks

Hi Jude.

I assume that the daughter is NOT claiming carers allowance as a family carer ?

In which case , a paid care worker will be required.

Through an agency or through a Needs Assessment carried out by the LA wherein the LA will make provisions.

In both instances , the question of who will be the employer will not arise.

Unless , of course , your friend wants to take on that role ?

The friend needs to sort out proper care without relying on her daughter, which simply isn’t fair on the daughter.

What is wrong with the friend, what help does she need?

Yes the daughter is claiming carers allowance but is not providing the care to the person special claiming the allowance for

Then the daughter is committing an offence, FRAUD.

You still haven’t answered my question. .can my friend cancel the current carer and pay someone who WILL care !

Yes … any caree can request their carer to stop " Caring. "

Fun starts if both are living under the same roof … and even married to each other.

( Caring ? We all care differently … there is NO legal definition of what we are supposed to do !

Even if there was such a blueprint , how would anyone enforce it … or monitor a carer ??? )

What follows in this particular instance is open to question from a legal standpoint.

Anyone claiming carers allowance and is NOT caring is defrauding the benefit system.

Hi Jude,

There are actually two different issues here.

Firstly, the daughter illegally claiming Carers Allowance when she isn’t meeting the criteria i.e. caring for at least 35 hours a week. CA means that she could also be claiming Income Support or similar, and is not required to “look for work”. Under these circumstances, she could be defrauding DWP up to £300 a week!! If also claiming Housing Benefit, maybe even more.
All someone needs to do is ring DWP anonymously and let them take it from there.

Secondly, your friend’s need for care. This can be arranged by Social Services after a Needs Assessment.

You’re asking if a Mother can stop her Daughter from being a sole carer, on a pretence of negligence and illegally claiming carers benefit?

I assume you have sufficient evidence of lack of care and your friend has voiced concerns about her Daughters behaviour, or lack or care?

I think I can speak for a large amount of carers when I say I spend 166 hours a week with Mum. The other two hours being quick trips to the shop.

If what you say is true, a simple phone call to Social Services will suffice.