Change of situation and new problem

Since I was last on here, my mum passed away. That happened a year last March. I’d cared for her at home for 16 years and she passed quietly at home. Since then I’ve become a community carer and live in. The problem I have now is that the lady I look after doesn’t like a carer who has been off for a long time and who now wants to return but the client doesn’t want her back. Can she refuse to have this lady in her house? Could she turn her away if she turned up ?
She has enough other carers coming in who she is and would be happy with, it’s just this one lady she doesn’t get on with and has always made it known that she would prefer not to have her.

From the days when I was caring for my mum, I stopped a couple of people calling, one was a carer and one was a district nurse. It must be possible and ok to refuse entry to people you don’t want.

Hi Scruffy, you were a brilliant daughter to mum, she is at peace now.

Yes, your client can say she doesn’t want one carer. He views should be respected.