Caring for someone with PTSD, EUPD and bi polar

Our adopted daughter, 23, mother of a toddler is suffering from PTSD flashbacks and should take meds to prevent psychosis and huge mood swings. Catch 22. When she most needs meds she is most likely not to trust those advising her to take them and to abuse drugs and alcohol instead. Coming to end of Aspire involvement and post adoption support and therapist linked to Aspire, a community charity supporting those who have suffered a psychotic episode. Moving onto Community mental health team. Fearful for the transition and having to wait again, at least ten months for a new therapist. She only started last one in January then Covid put paid to that. Feeling tired and trapped. Supporting daughter every day for hours a day and it’s not enough to keep her afloat. Today, after an exhausting episode, she self harms for me to witness her pain… which I am living already. Also, she has her daughter at the weekend and we take on much of the care to ensure safety and to enable her to have the fun bits with her but this still leads to jealousy, as an adoptive person always expects rejection and replacement. Catch 22 again. Asked Aspire nurse for advice but reply just said it’s hard… not even given advice on what not to do. Seen someone at a local Carers group over the course of last year so no more sessions. Hate zoom with a passion so can’t access the borderline personality Carers meetings. Need a rest.

Such a difficult situation.

Have there been a needs assessment and carers assessment for either of you.

I think Social Services should help towards / manage the granddaughter visit’s.