Caring for my sister (and increasingly resenting it)

I think I’m probably depressed, or maybe just over tired. But the situation can’t be changed, so I don’t see that talking to my GP or getting counselling would help. Anyone got any better ideas?

HI Whoknowsme,

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The brain injury has already seriously affected your sister’s life and now it is adversely affecting yours.

The only options available aren’t live with your or residential care. Other options are independent living, supported living, sheltered accommodation, Shared Lives etc

I think counselling would help you with all of this as it will give you the opportunity to talk it all through and explore what is right for both you and your sister. Currently the situation is only working for one person - your sister.

Are you/your sister in touch with Headway and/or The Brain Charity


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My son was brain damaged at birth. I cared for him for 16 years, until I was so ill that residential became the only answer.
You did the worst possible thing for the best of reasons, I’m afraid.
You sound very tired, very frustrated, and desperately in need of a good holiday.
What’s done is done, and it’s time to look to the future, how to get your life back.
Does she have any compensation for her brain injury?
Do you have Power of Attorney?