Caring for a paranoid schizophrenia mum

Hi all I hope you all good I was going to go for a walk today due to very cold rain weather I stayed home read books. Sometimes I have good days and bad days. I am having my bad ones again now. Who I care I care for myself my elder sister mainly I care for my mum she has paranoid schizophrenia she is disabled. I am keeping my elder sister as private. We living in 3 bedroom private rent on search for a council house due to covid-19 is a delay taking time. My days with my mum Some days my mum can be soo soo annoying she repeatedly asks me questions thats when I have had it my bad day as much as I love her I feel like my life is going to end or I have all sorts of feelings depressed extreme anxiety you name it I have had them sad happy back to being normal again. Some days we both ok quiet and get on happy. How is my mum depends how she is feeling everyday she may stay in bed most of the day like today thats what she did stay in bed only come down for food she annoyed me yesterday and today she rested. When we go walking she does not talk I still communicate with her even though I find it soo hard that she does not talk to me she walks very very slow and has her head down through out most of the walking but I am alert I have to be for her and myself on the pathways for cars people etc thats when I find it soo soo hard that she is soo slow and does not talk to me. I feel like it soo weird living with my mum due to the communication and the way she is. My mum has been discharged about 2 years now as she is stable thats what mental health workers said. My mum walks alot in the house and fidgets alot with her hands that can be annoying too if im doing my own things its fine. She chews alot of tobbaco has an addiction. I have worker I only get advice for now and I talk to people on my phone that helps me feel better I do have me time its ok. Sometimes my mum comes in my room to either annoy me or check on me. There is more about me and my mum relationship. is there any carer here who is caring for a paranoid schizophrenia mum? I have to prepare food now watching corrie :slight_smile: we hungry people in the house

Hi Sandalshout,

I don’t have experience caring for someone with paranoid schizophrenia, but I do have experience of caring for someone with limited communication.

Your Mum’s slow walking and fidgeting and walking around the house may be down to her meds. It is worth raising her slow walking, fidgeting and restlessness in the house at her next meds review.

Spending too much time together (due to caring and especially caring during Covid) can understandably lower our tolerance of others.

Do you get out of the house on your own - even if just for a walk or to buy a coffee or whatever?


[Hi Melly 1 ok not much same. Thats hard limited communicating with another person and the fidgeting etc my mum has could be the side effect from the meds. The meds my mum takes they make her restless that is one of the effects the meds you know give. The Doctor and other professionals already know about her walks and fidgets in her previous review been a while now. I cant really remember I am sure I said about all. I will raise up in next review again]. I spend most my time caring it is draining. I do go out for my own time alone when I can.