Carers Rights Day 2022: Caring Costs - Thursday 24 November

Carers Rights Day 2022 is taking place on Thursday 24 November.

Last year, Carers Rights Day helped us reach thousands of carers through coffee mornings, information stands, Q&A sessions and more. This year, with carers throughout the UK feeling the cost of living crisis acutely, we need your help to share information, support and advice with even more carers.

We would be very grateful for your support to unpaid carers by organising an activity in your community.

Click the link below to find our top tips for planning a great Carers Rights Day event or activity.,835NU,9AZULP,X3RVZ,1

Happy Carers Rights Day!

Happy Cares Rights Day!

Today is Carers Rights Day 2022! Each year, we hold Carers Rights Day to raise awareness of the needs of carers and ensure that carers are aware of their rights and know where to get help and support.

This year, we’re focusing on the many ways in which Caring Costs, whether that’s the cost to carers’ health and wellbeing, costs to their employment options, or financial costs as carers throughout the UK are feeling the cost of living crisis even more acutely.

If you’ve organised a Carers Rights Day activity but not yet told us about it, you can register it with us here,843JH,9AZULP,X7W68,1: .

This helps us get the fullest picture of what’s happening on Carers Rights Day around the country so we can tailor our resources and support.

This has passed me by completely.
I haven’t seen anything at all in the local press.
I know a carers group often has a stall at the hospital, but I haven’t seen anything about that either!