Carers Excuses for Being Late

I thought I’d start this as light relief, Mum has a carer who is always late and walks through the door with a ready made excuse.

She once pulled up at our house dead on time at 7 O’clock, I told Mum she was here. She sat in her car for 20 minutes clearly eating. She came through the front door and her first words “Sorry I’m late, I was stuck in traffic”. I bit my tongue.

She lives in a block of flats close to me, was 20 minutes late and claimed “A Lorry had blocked the car park”.

Other excuses include leaving her boyfriend to move back into her ex-boyfriends house, moving back in with her parents, two punctures, being stuck behind a tractor and the classic The agency put back the time, didn’t they tell you.

Hi Alan, When I had an agency there was no end of stupid excuses. One carers excuse was he only had an off-peak bus pass so he arrived 3 hours late. The same carer made the excuse that his girlfriend had got in a taxi and had not been contactable so he decided she must have been abducted by aliens so was late. Another was late because she was viewing a flat…4 hours late. I’ve heard it all in my time.

Busses cut , emergency at previous caree, flat tyres.

It’s disgusting, simply because on occasions a reason could be genuine. Then genuine people get tarred with the same brush!
Buses, trains, hold ups with traffic can be investigated, but flat tyres, and suchlike probably can’t be. They should let their managers know, surely,? Somehow lateness needs monitoring.
When I was at work, any regular latecomers were spoken to by management.
I have being late for anything, even meeting a friend for cuppa. I wouldn’t be so rude, by not letting them know. Days of mobiles can ensure that