Carers assessment and respite case
Can some of you who think you understand carers assessment etc have a read of this case and let me know your thoughts?
I’m confused :-???

edited :
Ahh! That first was the wife’s case, this is the husbands

Still a bit confused and would appreciate other’s views

On first reading , two points tend to stick out.

  1. Change in the LAs policy … in essence , cutting back on social care provision … we have all seen this across the country.

  2. Direct Payments … as part of the Agreement , receipts were required to be presented for certain expenditure. They were not , hence the LA cut the DPs ?

Interesting to note their alleged financial position … how many other carees / carers out there in a similar situation … burn through their resources to support one another ?

Apart from that , I cannot see much wrong expect for , of course , the LA cutting back on social care … their decision given the other alternatives available … as for all LAs.

If , by doing so , puts that LA in breach of some of the provisions of , say , the Care Act , why not attack along those lines ?

As far as I could see , silence on that aspect.

Perhaps I’m now out of touch with modern days practices ?