Carer's Allowence Petition

I hope it’s okay to post this here. I just wanted to share a campaign I’ve come across on social media to try and get Carer’s Allowance paid at a living wage for the £35+ hours care provided.

I also think they should be insisting that CA in it’s current form, and any changes to it, should not be coming out of the pockets of disabled people through their severe disability premiums. A lot of people need that just to survive (DRE doesn’t pay itself) which means someone claiming Carer’s Allowance for them is affordable.

I wish someone like Kate Garraway would speak up on behalf of unpaid carer’s and make some noise over it in the way people like Markus Rashford and Jack Munroe did.

She could push for some real changes because so many people don’t know how CA works and how little it actually equates to. (Less than £2 an hour at 35 hours a week…even less if you provide more care!)

Everyone I’ve mentioned it to is disgusted by the system, and I feel like if someone with a big platform could shine a light on all this for unpaid carers it could make a real difference.