Carers allowance deducted from universal credit as income

I sent this to Amber Rudd.

Dear Mrs Rudd,

My wife is on the enhanced pip rate for living and mobility as she has a Brain Tumour and suffered a massive stroke .

This resulted in lots of disabilities. I had to give up my job as a marketing manager to look after her full time as a carer.

I receive 67 pounds a week for this and to my amazement they deduct this from my universal credit as earned income .

This is a disgrace it’s hard enough making ends meet . I am saving the government thousands every week by looking after my wife and just cannot believe how anyone can do this .

My wife’s condition is not ever going to improve and her tumour cannot be operated on again.

Is this the way you help people especially the very vulnerable. This should not be happening scrap this deduction for everyone as we cannot look for work like the lucky ones.

Kindest Regards

Stan W
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I would appreciate if u agree or disagree

For more background on this " Abnormaly " , a recent thread on SCOPE goes into it at greater lengths :

Has your wife had a Needs Assessment from Social Services, and you, a Carers Assessment?

Good letter Stanley.
Concise and from the heart.
Let’s hope it hits the spot

Good for you Stan, too true.

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Hi Stanley

It is disgusting that they do this, as at just under 5 hours for a paid carer for £67, you are saving them a fortune. I know as a carer, that you will be working very hard for that insulting amount.

kind regards