Carer for an elderly parent...with 24/7 changeable health

Why do carers have to subscribe, to a forum for on going support…for carers. I have searched this site…to talk to others with, responsibilities, for loved ones :-??? .

Hi Barbara … welcome to the canteen.

Subscribe ?

Add their details as per whatever instructions now appear on the forum for new " Members ? "

Beyond that , you will be consider a bona fide member of this forum … without having to dip in your purse for an entrance fee.

I " Subscribe " to several forums across many disciplines … all have similar entrance procedures,

On the caring / support / finances side , plenty of regular members will be only too pleased to tackle whatever questions / problems you have in your caring role … and any that your caree may have.

( I am a former , 24 / 7 , lone , carer … for an elderly mother. )

The forum is yours to explore.

Hi Barbara,
Welcome to the forum. Any forum will ask for a few basic details, which will be kept confidential. Most of us don’t use our real names, so that we can’t be identified by people who might know us.