Carer for 14 years, the impact

Having been a carer during which my entire life changed. I now realise that there was an huge element of abuse which obviously was unseen due to the love and commitment for the person I was caring for. Not something I was aware of.

I’ve looked into it further and on the impact of abuse and caring long-term for somebody.

I have depression, ptsd and health issues from ignoring myself and putting someone else’s needs before mine.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this.

Yes, I recognise that.
Are you still a family carer?
Would you like to tell us more?

Yes I recognise this, caring for 10 years
It may sound hard to believe but I had a broken wrist for two years,
Fracture was missed on xray.
I am sorry you have been so, perhaps the word, is, invisible.
I have fought for assessments for years and finely we have a small care package,
Keep speaking up, take care.