Carer Accessing Cared For Bank Details


If your accessing bank details for someone unable to with their permission is it okay to access their details and print off bank statements for them as I am employed by her.

If someone reveals their bank details willingly , nothing to stop a third party using said details … either innocently or fraudulently.

Is that someone vulnerable , sound of mind ?

If you are looking for a textbook answer , I recommend the CAB.

I would say not a good idea. You need to cover yourself. If you could find another trusted(that the person you are looking after agrees) person who could witness. That would be a better idea!

It would be better to enable the person concerned to access this information themselves, either via the internet or asking the bank to send regular statements by post.

This is a forum for unpaid carers, but it sounds as though you are a paid carer?

They are partially blind.

Apparently someone in the bank helps her with bank statements going through everything with her ins and outs.

Now reads more like a safeguarding case for the LA to sort out ?

The person concerned needs to have someone managing their day to day affairs for them. If there is no trusted relative, then Social Services should be approached, for a referral to their Client Affairs Team. They will manage someone’s money if there is no one else available. Much better to protect someone’s money before there is a problem, because once it’s gone out of the account, it’s gone forever.