Car insurance

I have been trying for many days to sort out our car insurance. My husband has been in hospital for over 3 months and is not going to be able to drive again .
So I went online and tried to remove him from the policy and found out this would infact increase the premium,
I finally was able to speak to an actual human and they tried to help but basically there is nothing they can do, we have quite a few months left and even if I paid a cancellation fee they can not guarantee it would be less with a new policy.
This really got me thinking about how unfair this is . No room for manoeuvre or understanding or personal touch.
Him being in hospital we now don’t have attendance allowance or cares allowance so it’s hard financially.
Obviously I’m not staying with this company when my renewal is up if I can help it. But I thought they were the cheapest.
Anyway thought this could be useful discussion,

I changed my car insurance provider last year as the company I was with before (10 years and full no claims) had decided to increase my policy by a “silly” amount :open_mouth: This was just before the government changed the rules so that insurers can no longer charge more for renewal than they would charge to new customers (who always got the best deals !!). I’ve just received my renewal notice from the new company and it’s actually lower this time than my first premium was last year :smiley:

Over the years I’ve found that not all the best deals are to be had on comparison websites often a better price is available from those insurers that do not advertise on them - i.e. Direct Line, NFU etc. So it could pay you to sit down one afternoon and spend some time ringing around some insurers directly.

I think you are making a battle for yourself here, or am I missing something?
If your husband is the main policy holder then presumably you are a “named driver”?
You don’t need to remove him to drive the car yourself.

We insure everything through the NFU.
No fuss, good prices, and as a mutual insurance company, you get loyalty discounts every year with them.
No need to be associated with farming either.

I agree are you not able to have your husband remain on the policy and wait until it’s runs out. And then take one out in your own name.