Cannot get into her own building society account

I became my girlfriend’s full-time carer last month. Her MS means that she cannot sign her name and has some loss of mental capacity. Her Building Society has frozen her account. We cannot even find out how much is in it, but we believe it to have £10,000. Universal Credit is being cut by £117.45pm, owing to the account having so much in it. UC workers tell us to work it out with the Society. The Society will not work it out. Lockdown means that we cannot go to anyone that has known her long enough to witness power of attorney forms. How am I now meant to act in her best interests? The safeguarding laws are working against her.

Michael a lot of banks are now proving a carers card account.

Example here:

Can you get your girlfriend in to the bank. And get a letter from her G.P. If you are registered at the G.P. as her carer. That should not be a problem.

You could also contact Citizens Advice.

In the short term, you can resolve this by becoming her DWP “Appointee”. It’s a simple process as a rule, then you can set up a separate account in your name, just for her benefit money.

I have a leaflet here about how the banks must make reasonable adjustments, will try and find it for you.