Can you get dependent on stuff besides meds and people?

I mean like can you get dependent on objects. I don’t sleep well without my weighted blankets and I have some oral sensory things too that I often need to have to cope. My therapist says they are great as long as I don’t become dependent on them. But how does someone get like that with objects?

I’m the king of risks


are you on the autism spectrum?

I disagree with your therapist - sensory supports such as a weighted blanket, oral sensory aids etc fulfilled a sensory need. No one would say glasses or hearing aids or a wheelchair are fine as long as you don’t become dependent on them!!

An OT who specialises in sensory processing would be better placed to advise you on this.


I don’t sleep well without a certain pillow. Can’t say am dependant on it, but certainly sleep better with it. Am sure most people have some sort of item that is a comfort. Nothing wrong with that.

I don’t we anything wrong with wanting to have certain things that give you pleasure. I’m sure most of us have a favourite dress, or handbag. My husband had a favourite spade, I have a favourite veg peeler. However maybe it’s our response if they are unavailable that tells us that we are too attached??