Can I get a wheelchair TGA powerpack on the motability schem

My son has a progressive bone disease and a powerchair is not quite right, i want to buy him a good powerpack as we live in more or less hills, so i have in mind a TGA that runs at about £1,100 can i buy one of these from his high mobility money?

Thanks for any replies.

Hi Carol & welcome

What are you saying? You son is already in receipt of equipment from the Motability scheme. Or your son is in receipt of the higher award of mobility either through PIP or DLA. And currently doesn’t use it towards equipment from Motability scheme.

If your son already has his wheelchair through the Motability scheme. You just need to tell Motability the chair is not sufficient for current needs. And they will usually look at it and find a chair that’s suitable for his needs.

If your mean your son is in receipt of the mobility part of PIP /DLA. You can purchase items which enhance his daily living.

He is in receipt of high pip for mobility, he has had a powerchair through the scheme in the past, but as i live in bath that is very difficult, i am wanting a good powerpack for his wheelchair, i am wanting to know if i can buy the powerpack on the motability scheme.

The powerchair is paid for so i dont owe anything, it was to avoid paying the 1.000 outright for the pack